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Obeah is possibly the oldest of all Afro-Creole beliefs in the Caribbean.  Its title is obtained from the Ashanti words Obay-ifo or Obeye, indicating wizard or witch. The Ashantis or Koromantyn Africans belonged to the gold seashore. Because they were usually thought to be inclined to revolt and magic, the Spanish and French withdrew, importing them as captives. Thus, the tradition of Obeah is restricted to the British West Indies, with changes in Guadeloupe and Martinique. As per the Lizbeth Paravisini-Gerbert and Margarite Fernandez-Omos, Obeah “is not a religion, which recognizes the presence and power of the spiritual world.”

Moreover, Obeah includes two basic levels of practice: good and evil spells and healing methods based on the use of natural world components. Obeah usually provided relief to uprooted Africans to rely on one of their own for healing and security. However, British reports of Obeah at the time of the colonial period think it as threatening to white plantation owners. Its use was banned in many of the British provinces. Obeah, then, is principally a client-practitioner connection, with the troubled subject seeking out the aid of the Obeah man or woman individually.

Obeah is a Truth of Life and Afterlife

Obeah is a solitary chase, something only between a person and his fears. Since obeah is technically prohibited on most islands, its followers have a plot of silence. The powerful obeah man lives in solitude in the woods, out of the sight of the law, which is always on their trail. They talk in unfamiliar tongues, which not even they can always guess. Their powers can cure and harm and are hired by rich, poor, black and white.

Obeah (or Obecyahism) must not be mixed with Haiti’s more familiar voodoo formalized rituals. Obeah has no religion or authorized service of worship. In the Ashanti words, obay’fo meant wizard, and obi in East Africa proposed witchcraft or fetishism. The philology has been followed to ancient Egyptian faith in which ob (or aub) means serpent. Moses reminded the Israelites not to acknowledge the demon Ob, rephrased in the Bible as divinator or sorcerer.

Obeah: The Best Resistance

The tradition of controlling supernatural powers or say obeah removal, identified in some parts of Africa as ‘Obeye’ (an existence that resides within sorcerers), has brought on many titles in the Caribbean islands, like Shango, Ju-Ju, Santeri, Vodun, or Voodoo, Obeah. Although African captives normally practiced Obeah for “evil” or somewhat self-interested, instrumental ideas, this belief also served them as a cause of strength and secret resistance. The obeah custom is the idea to use particular spirits and mystical sources to harm the living or call them off from such trouble. Usually, the British adopted the term Obeah to represent all slave actions and practices deemed supernatural or evil in nature, such as customs and obsessions.

Present-day historiographers affirm that Obeah arose from the Ashanti and Koromantin societies of Africa on the Gold Coast and that shipped slaves carried it to the Caribbean as early as the mid 17th century. Despite its use, for ‘evil’ or ‘good,’ the Obeah men were given the highest respect and fear by all who met them. The Obeah man and women performed a leading role in the Caribbean slave communities from the starting of the slave business. They worked as community leaders and mentors of the African folk’s cultural legacy. Many Africans thought that the Obeah man had within his control the strength to render someone strong, resurrect the dead, cure all ailments, protect a man from the results of his sins, and cause significant harm to anyone he wanted. Yet, the Obeah man’s most potent gift was not his gift to steal people’s shadows, as the performance of obeah or “hexing” was defined, but his complex knowledge of herbs and toxins. Obeah also proposed the word “poison” in the Caribbean plantations, which is the favored and most powerful tool that this practitioner of “magic” had at his disposition. Through herbs and medication, the Obeah man can “miraculously” cure or poison (obeah) a person to his demise. Considering the progress and practices (bloodletting) of “modernized” European medicine at the time, an ill body had a much greater probability of survival by seeking out an Obeah man instead of visiting a white physician.

Obeah was employed as a source of power through its connection with the supernatural and political power, especially slave rebellions and the other kinds of resistance in Jamaica. The Obeah man performed a role as an inspirational chief who could attract his followers, which might number in the thousands, to participate in resistance and rebellions. Because of their relationship with “evil,” Obeah men were accused of every disaster that fell upon a plantation or person. So, how did they handle recruiting so many followers? The method to become an Obeah man follower was to get enlisted in to his or her group; this way, you would be invulnerable to the white man and their weapons. Although you might seem slain, the Obeah man could, at his desire, bring the dead body to life.

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